Self-loathing seems like a really bad thing. The suggestion that it (or any other dark and traditionally negative feeling) could ever possibly be a source of delight seems absurd. But, with a sadistic Leslie glowering at me and a pleasure-encouraging Tani by my side, I found myself in almost unbearable hysterics drinking in my own hateful self-regard. In the weeks following this experience, I notice more humor and joy in my life, especially when experiencing the darker feelings. It's a gift. This work is magical.”

Seattle, WA


“While not for the faint of heart, this work is transformational at the deepest level. When you're ready to release shame and step fully into your power, get yourself to an experience with the Light Dark Institute. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Jane Guyn
Bend, OR

'“This work is about waking up to fully embrace the truth of all of who we are, it’s about celebrating and loving the parts we have disapproval for and hide. I’ve attended dozens of workshops over the years and nothing has been as deep and penetrating as what LDI offers. It's transformative and liberating on level 10. You owe it to yourself to be curious enough to attend a workshop. What you uncover could answer many frightening questions you’ve wondered about your whole life.”

Niko Papasideris
San Francisco, CA

“Tani and Leslie have changed my life irreversibly. I didn't even realize how much of myself was unknown to me until I started doing this work, and I especially did not know that I could step into my WHOLE self and also be loved.”

E. Barrett
Venice, CA

“The Light Dark Institute offers some of the most powerful personal transformation work out in the world right now. Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers have created some of the most genuine, powerful and deep methods to pierce through the layers of shame and artificiality that keep us from truly connecting with ourselves and with each other. The Light Dark work and it's community has become a top priority in my life. I've never felt more seen or more held in all my parts.”

L. Campbell
Oakland, CA

"I am taking away a complete overhaul and reorientation to my own shadow. I see now how I have always approached the less savory aspects of myself by fixing, illuminating, confronting and working through them. In all these ways I drive these parts of my psyche further into hiding and produce shame. The blessing of the permission to be exactly what I hate about myself and play with it is something that will forever impact and unfold in my life."


“After working with the LDI, the way I meet life from moment to moment includes more aliveness and less judgement. It is more of me and less of who I thought I was, more presence and less resistance, more discernment and less resentment, more feeling and less avoiding... Shifting these ratios brings a whole new way of living life. If you want to legitimately pursue the embodiment of spiritual phenomenons, work with Leslie, Tani, and their team. I said yes to the playground and aimed love at my darkness and felt the treasures overfloweth.”

Berkeley, CA

“The Light Dark Institute is the first place I have found where all of me is welcome. I have actually learned to work with my shame because the container provided has given me the opportunity to explore and get to know parts of me that no other workshop or spiritual community I have encountered seems willing or able to go to. I feel like I am finally able to start to step into my whole self and embody who I am capable of being in this world.”

Jesse S.
Oakland, CA

“If you are nervous, scared and still curious, just do this. Leslie and Tani bring a style of work that is utterly unique. After working with them, I find it far easier to express what I want clearly and cleanly. It makes setting boundaries simple.”

Jennifer Pennell
San Diego, CA

“There's no spiritual work like this. The depth and insight has blown my mind, and shown me the source of many uncomfortable moments in my daily life. I'm equipped with new tools to bring self acceptance to a new level. Power dynamics, part of our every day life, have been revealed.”

Cate H.
Oakland, CA

"I never dreamed in a million years that bringing out my shadow side would be so liberating."

Tom G.
I.T. Analyst
Austin, TX

“There are many workshops that delve into self improvement, empowerment, and personal development. The LDI’s workshops are fundamentally unique with the facilitators ability to promote a safe, loving, and supportive space that allows participants to delve into the darkest parts of themselves and reveal the vast levels of awareness untapped by other workshop experiences. A true delight to witness and experience how the darkest parts of ourselves reveal so much about who and what we are.”

A. T.
Oakland, CA

“I'm grateful there's a space I can find out what is true for me, about what I want and don't want, that is complex and rich enough to let my own authenticity emerge.”

Michael N.
Berkeley, CA

“The discovery of the Light Dark Institute has expanded my capacity for connection, authenticity and play. It has awakened in me a deep longing to experience my darkness with ease and complete acceptance. This has opened my world to the many possibilities of being a YES to life!

Leslie and Tani hold a remarkable safe container that allows you to explore places inside yourself that have been unseen and untouched. Their commitment to this path and ability to share their knowledge is truly inspirational. If you are ready to take a deep dive into a life transformational experience then this work is for you."

Udaya Bryce
Maui, Hawaii