Workshops and Intensives


Touching the Darkness

This introductory event provides an evening of connection and play as together we explore the richness, beauty, and dynamism of the Dark.

Embracing the Darkness

Embracing the Darkness is a deep dive into saturating each aspect of your life with radical acceptance, so you can experience the freedom, power, and intimacy of living with nothing held back.

This is an introductory weekend workshop.


In this weekend immersion for experienced Light Dark players, we will be stretching further into explorations of power, darkness, and non-duality.

This is a Level 2 workshop. “Embracing the Darkness” is a prerequisite.

the Light Dark Experience

This is the Light Dark Institute’s deepest experience: 
a 3-day, 2-night personalized intensive available for individuals and couples.

Through a combination of in-depth coaching and powerful embodied play, our founders will guide you through the unknown as you go deep in exploring and reclaiming the parts of yourself that you have long been rejecting.