Workshops and Intensives


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Touching the Darkness

It can be so easy to favor the “Light” and want to push away the “Dark”, both in ourselves and the world around us. But the Dark holds so many keys - to freedom, authenticity, intimacy, and our personal power. This introductory seminar provides an evening of connection and play as we explore the richness, beauty, and intimate power of the Dark.

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Embracing the Darkness

This weekend workshop is for those who want to live from the perspective that nothing is fundamentally wrong with anything in existence, that everything - the light, the dark, the beauty, the pain - is perfect just as it is. This is for people who have an understanding of reality beyond dualistic paradigms and are looking for ways to apply this wisdom to their own shadow sides and the darkness of the world around them.

Embracing the Darkness is a deep dive into saturating each aspect of your life with radical acceptance, so you can experience the freedom, power, and intimacy of living with nothing held back.


the Light Dark Experience

The Light Dark Experience (LDE) is the Light Dark Institute’s VIP offering: a 3-day, 2-night personalized intensive available for individuals and couples. For the full duration of the LDE, the two founders of the Light Dark Institute, Leslie Rogers and Tani Thole, put all of their attention on you and what is needed to set you free. Through a combination of in-depth coaching and powerful embodied play, Tani and Leslie will guide you through the unknown as you go deep in exploring the parts of yourself that you have long been rejecting. This is your chance to finally fully shed the light on all the darkness you've been fearing inside yourself, and find all your capacity for power, freedom, and intimacy that has been hiding there. This is your chance to step into yourself fully, as never before.