What it is:

The Light Dark Experience (LDE) is the Light Dark Institute’s VIP offering, available for individuals and couples. For the full duration of the LDE, the two founders of the Light Dark Institute, Leslie Rogers and Tani Thole, put all of their attention on you and what is needed to set you free. Each night they take you through an experience of "Dark" play in the dungeon, and the days are filled with "Light" work involving energetic healing sessions and in-depth coaching designed to take you to your next level and beyond.


It’s for you if:

  • You have a high level of self-awareness and have done personal growth work
  • You’re open to sexual exploration
  • You’re longing to know and express your full self
  • Something is drawing you to explore your dark side, even if you’re also feeling judgment and fear
  • You’re single, in a relationship, or want to be in a relationship
  • You want deeper connections and you’re not sure what’s been holding you back
  • You see powerful people around you and want what they have
  • You want to dream bigger and be able to get what you want in sex, relationships, money, and career.

Benefits of the Light Dark Experience:

  • Stand fully in your personal power
  • Relax into new levels of surrender and trust
  • Be able to know what you want, go after it, and fully receive it
  • Learn to express yourself without fear of judgment
  • Love and value yourself more deeply
  • Be able to set strong boundaries while maintaining connection
  • Get in touch with the parts of yourself that you judged and find out that they’re actually awesome!
  • Get freedom from self-sabotaging patterns
  • Gain confidence in yourself as a human being and sexual being
  • Have a hotter sex life, thanks to a year’s worth of kink experience packed into three days!
  • Learn how to treat even the most challenging life situations as opportunities for play
  • Heal unexpressed grief and trauma
  • Learn the secret to converting shame into power
  • Learn how to connect from an authentic, vulnerable place

What you get:

  • A private 3-day, 2-night intensive with meals and lodging at a kink-themed bed-and-breakfast near Monterey, California.
  • The full undivided attention of the two founders of the Light Dark Institute, Leslie Rogers and Tani Thole. This is NOT a group experience! We work with one individual or couple at a time.
  • An extensive intake process that goes into your family and sexual history, the places you’re stuck, your dark desires, and your intentions for your life.
  • Three follow-up coaching sessions that help you integrate your experience into your life.

Your next step:

Due to the intense nature of the Light Dark Experience, we only take clients who are fully on board.

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