As a result of the LDE I am entering into a more authentic, colorful, powerful and intoxicating way of being. I'm seeing ways in which I have kept the lid on my primal wildness to avoid being ostracized or judged for being unworthy. And, now there is more interest and willingness to express my primal essence and this wildness that I call myself because when I can surrender into humiliation, judgment, failure and the fear of being too much, what I find is the sweetness of being the deliciousness of it all. I've discovered that my true home is inside of the fullest and most wild range of my human experiences from the wounded animal that lashes out to hurt others in covert way to feel connection, the entitled bitch who has preferences that my good girl squashes to be 'acceptable', to the compassionate seer, sexy beast and receptive heart that I am. I've been deeply carved and softened by this experience with Tani and Leslie.

A. M.
Boulder, CO


The Light Dark Experience with Tani and Leslie blew my mind. The combination of coaching (light work) and the play in the dungeon (dark work) was extremely effective.

In the coaching I got eye-opening insights into what my internal blocks are that often keep me from having what I want in life, sex and relationships. But how to overcome them? I learned that in the dark part, the play where Tani and Leslie purposefully triggered my emotions. Because of the intensity of the play there was no way for me to push them down any longer. These emotions came out with full force and, once unleashed, turned into power. My power! I still remember this feeling. My body remembers. Since I know that these emotions are where I get my power, I'm no longer afraid of them. Instead, they are my guide to having what I want.

Andy Werner
Software Engineer
Munich, Germany





I have been on a pretty rigorous healing journey for the last 18 years, and I have to say that my Light Dark Experience was probably THE most profound healing experience I have ever had! Through the uniqueness of this incredible work I found myself accessing deep layers of grief that no other modality has ever been able to touch. Comically, this was only after I had given Leslie a serious flogging. I am also SUPER picky about how people hold space for me after 10 years as a healer, and I found Tani & Leslie to be absolutely impeccable. I hadn’t had any previous experience with BDSM, but loved exploring my power as a Domme and my surrender as a sub. I will definitely be back, and I trust them SO much I've recommended the LDE to all my friends!

Christina Morassi
Pleasure Coach
Oakland, CA




Up until my Light Dark Experience, I had faced anger and rage by shoving it away deep inside me. I had never found a group or setting in which the container felt strong enough for me to fully let out the intensity inside.

But in the Light Dark Experience, no matter how much I struggled and fought, the container held me. I felt safe, and I was finally able to touch into old wounds and deep, carnal, pent-up rage. When I finally really touched my rage, the catharsis was immense, and I felt so much space open up within me. Then the best part came: I got loved there, and seen there, and I was able to feel my partner’s love fill me.

Since doing the Light Dark Experience with my partner, our relationship has transformed. We have learned to stay connected through whatever intensity arises. We are able to work through issues far more easily now, because we don’t have to hide our true underlying feelings anymore.

Andrew Gabler
Mechanical Engineer
Seattle, WA




The Light and Dark Experience was profoundly healing. The experience (finally!) silenced the chatter in my mind and allowed me to fully enter my body. Once in my body, I got a visceral feeling of me. I existed and I deserved to exist.

My body spoke to me of my darkest desires and showed me the places where I was wounded so that I could heal. I was able to heal an old and painful childhood wound around my mother, and my relationship to both my mother and myself have never been lighter. It is truly in the dark that I found the light, that I found myself.

Alla Zollers
Business Coach
San Francisco, CA





I decided to do the Light Dark Experience when I realized that I was stuck in a rut of niceness. I had a life that looked good on the outside but didn’t make me happy.

I began to suspect that the missing element could be found in my shadow, but I was petrified of exploring it. What shameful, distasteful, lascivious, erotic, messy, dripping, crazy, swamp monster would emerge?

Tani and Leslie were definitely the right guides for me as I stepped over the edge into exploring this side of myself. They had the incredible ability to slowly draw out my desire, reflect the raw material that I was, and find the potential that lay there.

I met this woman in the dungeon – she was a familiar part of me, one that I had not encountered for a very long time, one who had been sequestered away and emerged when the conditions were right. When my shame of who I am was able to fall away, my Domme arrived.

The visceral experience of that will always remain for me, knowing that I have access to that power that can be of service in this world.

Smita P.
Canberra, Australia




Tani and Leslie have changed my life. Through the Light Dark Experience, I have met my most authentic self. Tani and Leslie facilitated a container within which I felt safe to express my full unfiltered vulnerability and power.

After years of hiding behind a façade and constraining my full presence from the world, I have come to understand the tender-hearted dominance that exists within me. I experience the lasting benefits of their work every day in my personal relationships and interactions in the world around me.

Tani and Leslie demonstrated to me what it feels like to have non-judgmental, unconditional love within a healing space. Thank you for opening my heart.

Anna M.
Seattle, WA