In life it can sometimes seem that our inner “light side” and “dark side” are fundamentally opposed, and it can feel difficult to reconcile them. We often times feel that we should reject our dark side, or, even if we do recognize it as being an important part of ourselves, we tend to feel that it’s shameful and we should hide it from public view.

But what if it were okay to let your dark side out? What if that dark side held the key to your personal power? What if fully engaging your inner darkness gave you greater access to your inner light than you ever imagined possible?

Here at the Light Dark Institute we believe that our shadow sides are not only undeniable parts of ourselves, but that they in fact offer access to some of the very things we are most needing in order to reach wholeness and wellness in our lives.

We have discovered that when shame is excavated and we step into the parts of ourselves that we most judge and fear, incredible levels of healing and transformation are possible. For all the places where we’ve held ourselves back, kept ourselves small, and believed that we can’t have what we want, we can find a potent remedy by tapping into the power and freedom that our shadow sides have to offer us.

At the Light Dark Institute, we engage our darker aspects through conscious use of BDSM (“Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism”) also known simply as “Kink”. Through the use of play and explorations of power and surrender, we help people encounter and dissolve the places where they are stuck in life, and teach them to step into more dynamic and compelling versions of themselves.

All light casts a shadow. Everyone has darker aspects to their being, although some endeavor to keep theirs at a distance. When we ignore our dark sides, they leak out sideways in ways beyond our control, and can have adverse impacts on how we feel and how we interact with those around us. By facing our darker aspects intentionally, we can harness the power that is there and use it to serve rather than harm.

By bringing all the desire, vulnerability, and raw power of the “Dark” into connection with all the intentionality, approval, and care of the “Light”, we are able to blast through old patterns and create powerful new ways of being. In these places where Light and Dark meet, there is an incredibly powerful catalyst available to rapidly transform our lives and bring us out as who we really are, on levels we never even dreamed possible.

Only by truly embracing the fullness of the Dark can you truly find the fullness of the Light.