Falling in Love with your Inner Sadist and Masochist
A Free Revelation Session
with Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers of the Light Dark Institute

Hello lovely ladies of the Pleasure CEO Sisterhood! It was such a pleasure meeting you all at Christina Morassi’s event. We were deeply inspired by the power and vulnerability in the room, and we are excited to continue connecting with you! In that spirit, we have a free gift we would like to offer each of you: an individual session to explore “Falling in Love with your Inner Sadist and Masochist.” This is a half-hour video session in which both of us will put our full attention on you. We invite you to bring us an area where you’re currently facing a challenge in your life, and together we will explore the dark undercurrents at work here and how you can play with them pleasurably! Please submit the form below to reserve your free session - this offer expires on June 1st so please sign up right away. We are so excited to get to know each of you a little better!


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